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MODULE 5: Releasing Pain

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The longer we have pain and the more chronic it becomes the more it affects the etheric body, which is your life body and also the body of memory. When the etheric body is deeply impacted we lose the forces we need to fight the disease or the pain.   

Most of us are very aware that most of the physical body changes over 7 years. So why do we have pain that doesn’t go away? Could it be because the body has a memory. Is it possible that we have energy bodies, that we actually have to look at first, as science has no real explanation for how memory works? 

It is important that we first understand that pain is a sensation that occurs inside the physical body. However, as we have several energy bodies, we need to recognise that all sensations actually come from the astral body. The Astral body is your body of consciousness, it holds a lot of your personality in it, including likes and dislikes, all feelings, wishes, desires and base impulses, for food and sexuality, etc. This body governs your nervous system and digestive system. It sends messages to every part of your physical, mental and emotional body. If your astral body is disorganised because you have not worked on befriending and refining your feelings, then it will send chaotic and painful messages to your nervous system, and start to lower your immune system. (maybe the story of diff personality disorders.)

Pain is a message from the body that what we are doing and how we are living is not working. It is an opportunity to tune in and listen. I truly encourage you to learn how to sensitize the body and to work with the tuning in the program. 

You’ll learn:

  • The steps to take to heal
  • Process for healing
  • Pain Release Process
  • The Nervous System Process