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MODULE 3: Transforming Emotions

It is vital that in order to be healthy you work with your emotions. Most people have a very limited understanding of their emotions and how to best work with them. Thus, many people’s emotional body looks either torn or frozen, which leads to a lot of physical, immune, lymphatic and hormonal dysfunctions.

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There is the lower aspect of your emotions and higher. The lower contains judgements, aggression, guilt, self criticism, fear, anxiety, lack, base needs and desires. The higher emotional body contains reverence, devotion, love – in particular Divine, softness, deep compassion, honour, respect, joy, bliss.

Your emotional centre is around your heart, chest area moving into the solar plexus.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between feelings and emotions 
  • Feelings and how to work with them 
  • How to work with Anger, Guilt, & Fear
  • An outline body parts and emotion in the body 
  • Emotional Release techniques