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21 Day Visual Empowerment Course with Danny Vorhauer

“Empowering people to visualise and achieve their goals!”

Struggling to achieve your life goals? Wish you could better define what you want to achieve in life? Seeking answers to why goals seem too far out of reach?

Then join Danny Vorhauer on this life changing experience where the secrets to achieving your life goals will be revealed.
$299.00 AUD

$299.00 USD

Conducted over 21 days, the Visual Empowerment course will allow you to define meaningful life goals by firstly identifying where you currently are in life, where you would like to be and what is holding us back from achieving them.

During the Visual Empowerment course, participants will:

  • Outline and explore the 10 areas of your life;
  • Identify the meaningful questions you should be asking;
  • Understand how your thoughts may be hindering your progress and identify methods to correct them;
  • Explore your goals using the myREGRETS / myRESOLVE process;
  • Identify who you have to become in order to achieve your goals;
  • Understand how both internal and external motivation will affect your goal achievement;
  • Explore how the power of visualisation will affect your goal achievement;
  • And much, much more…
The Visual Empowerment course has been specifically designed to enhance your understanding of what is holding you back from achieving your goals and allows participants to better understand the methods used by Danny Vorhauer in order to empower you to achieve them.

Sign up today for the Visual Empowerment course and take the first step towards achieving your goals!