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MODULE 1: Tuning Into Your Body

The astral body is in charge of your nervous system, the heart and the digestive process happening in your physical body. The astral body gives physical body consciousness.

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We have a physical body, a soul and a spirit, as well as energy bodies. Our soul is the subjective part of us that holds our likes and dislikes as well as what you would consider to be an aura. We also have an etheric body, which is your life body. The language of the soul is the language of sensations, colours, archetypes and symbols. The soul contains an astral body in it.

As we start to tune into our soul – we start to understand why our physical body is experiencing the various challenges and what we need to do to change our life.

In this short course you’ll learn how to:

  • Awaken your body so you can tune into it in a deeper way
  • Processes to ground your body
  • Step by step process to connect and communicate with your body
  • Understand the different significance of messages depending on whether they come the front, back, left, right sides of your body
  • Process to balance each side of your body
  • Deciphering symbols and colours