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The Heal Thy Self Academy

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is a unique and profound educational program which integrates the wisdom and methodologies of Tyler Tolman.

The Heal Thy Self Academy offers an intermediate level of training for those who have a genuine interest in truly understanding their own body & how to healing thyself. It is also for individuals in the potential career of helping others on their own journey to healing.

It's time to reclaim your power and become your own physician. This is an invaluable opportunity to invest in your health and your future. It will change the way you look at life to health.

Must have completed the 3 Day Heal Thy Self Express Weekend Workshop.
  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the body systems.
  • Understand the contributing factors to disease from a physical and metaphysical level.
  • Learn how to detoxify and nourish your body or others with delicious fresh whole foods, herbs, tea, cleanses, oils, emotional and energetic healing practices.
  • You will receive your own iridology camera and an intermediate level of understanding in iridology and sclerology.
  • Apply strategies and techniques to identify genetic weakness, toxicity, congestion and more & how to cleanse and heal these conditions naturally.
  • Participate in daily hands-on workshops to integrate and practice your new knowledge.
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Amazing journey

This last month of August I embarked on an amazing journey at Tyler Tolman ‘s Heal Thyself Academy! ☀️ 10 days of intensive training with Tyler Tolman on Iridology, Sclerology and all things Health! It was a couple years ago when I first learned about iridology and started taking photos of my eyes. Since then I’ve been taking a much closer look at my own eyes and continued learning and reading more about iridology feeling truly fascinated by this art and science. ☀️ I learned about Tyler’s Heal Thyself Academy training a couple months ago and knew this is a training I must attend. ☀️ This was a hands on training for 10 days diving into all aspects of health, physical, mental and emotional, and using iridology and sclerology as tools to catalyze healing in one self and others. The eyes truly are the windows to our bodies and souls ☀️ I am so grateful for this life changing experience! It was so much fun and a wonderful time connecting with like minded souls! We danced everyday, laughed like kids and and had so much fun growing, learning, connecting with one another with open hearts and stepping into our highest potential. This is an experience that I hold dear and near to my heart and one which I will never ever forget! ☀️ Thank you so much Tyler and team for creating such an awesome and high vibe training and paving the way for spreading and sharing the message and lifestyle of health and healing on Earth!

Nicolas D.

Epic experience

I have just come back from Bali after completing the Heal Thyself Academy on Iridology and Sclerology ....I have to say I came away with this new found knowledge and the ability to see what is happening in our bodies through the eyes...The whole experience was epic and life transforming as you come away with so much more ...I met the most amazing individuals who were all on the same path to health and made some lifelong friends ... you will not be disappointed if you go to this retreat for fasting ...Tyler has an amazing and unique way of sharing a massive amount of knowledge about healing thyself ...especially through the gut ...he has a wisdom beyond his years an energy and vitality and may I add a great sense of humour! I I am going back in March 2019 for a fast and I know I will come away with so much more than a healthier body...I know many who were with me on this journey will vouch for this wonderful human being's authenticity as a master of self healing.

Giuliana S.