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Sperti Fiji Sunlamps




The Sperti Fiji Sunlamp has the power and coverage to provide a good tan for your face or other parts of your body.

FijiThe Fiji Sunlamp covers about 24 square inches when you're sitting at the right distance, so it can be used as much more than just a facial tanner.  You can easily tan your feet, legs, back, butt, under your chin, bald spots, tan lines and more. 

Why is the Fiji better?

You may have seen facial tanners from China that are small plastic units that require a person to sit inches from the device for up to an hour.  Some may tan your face and leave your neck and chest pale.  With the Fiji, you don't sit right up against the machine or lean over, you get more coverage, and the sessions average ten minutes each.

The Fiji is also adjustable, so you can place it on any flat surface and tilt it in the right direction.  It is a specialty UV sunlamp, not a cheap toy.  It has real tanning power and technology with quality, sturdy materials and it's made in the USA.  You know the Fiji is good because Sperti has been making sunlamps for over 70 years.

Top Features of the Fiji Sunlamp
  • Salon quality in results and construction; effective and powerful.
  • Has the power and coverage to be a sectional tanner as well as a facial tanner.
  • Timer automatically shuts the unit off after your chosen session time of one to 15 minutes.
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty on the unit and a six month bulb warranty.
  • Comes completely assembled and ready to use with owner's manual.
  • No animal testing.
  • Each unit is made in Kentucky with top workmanship and materials.
  • Electronic ballasts, which are better than magnetic ballasts.
  • Universal voltage; plug it into a standard 110V outlet.  International orders get the 220V power cord and no convertors are needed.
  • Seven foot heavy duty removable power cord.
  • Comes with four specialty custom bulbs already installed.  Replacements are affordable and easy to change.
  • Only pennies per session to run; very energy efficient.
  • No warm up time or overheating.
  • Bulbs last approximately 1000 hours of usage.
  • Table top stands lets the unit swivel to the angle you need.
  • Approximately 70% UVA / 30% UVB
  • Comes with two pairs of protective eyewear.
  • In conformance with FDA standards for sunlamps and has undergone testing and approval (21 CFR 1040.20).
  • 25" wide, 14.25" tall, 9" deep.
  • Weighs under 17 pounds with top mounted carrying handle.

Return policy:  A 15% restock fee applies if returned within 20 days.