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MODULE 2: Releasing Thought Patterns

Your Mental body is connected to your head, brain, and nervous system. This body consists of lower and higher aspects. The lower aspects are connected to all you negative, limiting, self-destructive thoughts. This includes survival based thinking and a strong focus on what is temporary rather than on what is eternal.

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Every thought that enters your mind needs to be examined. Is this a destructive thought or a helpful thought? If it is a negative thought that keeps coming up again and again, ask what gift do you have for me? Once you have received the gift, focus on letting it go through the Deleting process that you will learn below and reaching for a better feeling thought. The development of your higher Ego – I am, helps with the discipline of what thoughts you entertain. Thus we learn self-responsibility for our thinking and actions.  

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between a thought and a pattern
  • How your point of view impacts your thought patterns
  • Your thoughts have a positive and negative charge and how to release that charge
  • A process to clear thoughts and remove stuckness from your nervous system 
  • How to know that you are releasing
  • Statements for removing and reinstalling beliefs 
  • Working on a theme to get through many layers of patterning more effectively