5 Day Praxis Retreat (Bali)
5 Day Praxis Retreat (Bali)
5 Day Praxis Retreat (Bali)
5 Day Praxis Retreat (Bali)

5 Day Praxis Retreat (Bali)


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About this Retreat

This is a 5 day retreat to discover the art and health benefits of intermittent fasting and creating mouthwatering healthy wholefoods.

You’ll Experience:

HOW to eat, WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, and WHY we should eat certain foods to NOURISH our bodies.

From Tyler Tolman: Discover the art of intermittent fasting and rejuvenating your body everyday! A health secret, which many ancient cultures practised, but is largely unknown to us.
From Chef Cynthia Louise: How to make simple, healthy soul nourishing, mouthwateringly orgamsmic wholefood that will make you radiant from the inside out.
Who’s It For?
  • Want to cook healthy meals the whole family will love
  • Learn how to make amazing tasty food from scratch
  • Wanting to know how to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle
  • Indulge in amazing food with zero guilt and still look great!
  • Interested in how + when to eat for optimal health and vitality (intermittent fasting!)
  • Wanting to learn more about overall health
  • Like the idea of fasting, but love your food!
  • Feel the joy + gratitude experiencing the most mouthwatering healthy food on the planet
  • Fall in love with how to nourish yourself in the mornings - without food!!
  • Be confident in understanding the keys to make healthy living easy + fun
  • Make cooking super enjoyable + fun
  • Reduce your risk of disease + start feeling younger everyday
  • Gain clarity + certainty about the simplicity of health + feel amazing

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