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Personalised Branding and Social Media Package

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When you start a business, your branding is one of the most important thing. It represents you, your brand, your brand's image and your brand's values.
We created this package to help you get started on the right foot with your brand identity and make sure that everything that you'll post will be consistent design wise.
We'll give you a complete brand board including:
  • a logo 
    • (Option 1 - Simple Word mark logo). Font Only. Example of word mark logo: Google, The New York Times, Sony.
    • (Option 2 - a Combination mark logo) Font and graphics. Example of combination mark logo: Dove, Lacoste, Airbnb.
  • a sub mark (secondary logo to use everywhere)
  • your color palette
  • your fonts
We'll also set up an account with templates for different social medias on a website like Canva, Easil or similar. This will be a tremendous help to create regular post by yourself!
Finally, we'll also create your Instagram account and Facebook page, to make sure that everything is ready and set up for you to start communicating with your customers on social medias!
This will include 1 free feedback (additional feedback can be bought at $28 USD from Coach Store)