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Parasite X Cleanse

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This powerful natural organic herbal mixture uses its ingredients to fight parasite infections. It also works very well for gastroenteritis, food poisoning, stomach problems and bacterial infections.

50 ml

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These are some dietary recommendations often suggested to support the intestinal parasite cleaning process:

Temporarily avoid coffee, refined sugar, alcohol and refined foods.

Eat antiparasitic food. Try eating more raw garlic. Pineapple contains the digestive enzyme bromelain. A diet rich in pineapple can help to clear certain parasites such as tapeworm. Papaya seed contains enzymes that help to digest protein. They can be chewed, but watch out they are as hot as mustard seeds.

Carrots , sweet potatoes and squash are some foods that are rich in beta carotene, a precursor for vitamin A. Vitamin A is thought to increase resistance to penetration by larvae. Vitamin C and zinc also support the immune system.

Probiotics such as lactobacillus, acidophilus, bifidobacteria, and L bulgaricus can help to rebuild beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Turmeric and cloves are other spices that can help fight parasites.


Mix the tincture in water. Use 40x drops per day.

Continue until symptoms clear. For parasite infections, use for at least 3 weeks. Store in a cool dry place.

Why You’ll Love Parasite X Cleanse

  • Fights parasite infections

  • Works very well for gastroenteritis, food poisoning, stomach problems and bacterial infections.

  • It’s chemical-free and all-natural


Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull, Ginger, Clove


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THIS STUFF WORKS - gently, with no 'inconvenience'

I bought a bottle then waited for a convenient time to use it, thinking there may be a few 'bathroom experiences' which could be inconveniently timed. My concerns were completely unwarranted! The results have been better than I expected... without any pain or cramping and I actually don't mind the taste of this stuff! I've seen evidence that it is ridding me of parasites and plan to use this regimen once each year to keep myself parasite-free! Highly Recommend

Indonesia Indonesia

I love this parasite cleanse

Fabulous product

Beth D.
Australia Australia

Parasite X Cleanse

I was surprised how nice this mixture tasted and to know it was helping me get rid of parasites.

Coral M.
Australia Australia