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Nourish Retreat

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Nourish Retreat has been created for YOU.  It will broaden your knowledge and inspire creativity in your kitchen with whole food plant-based cooking.  A 5 ½ day cooking retreat that allows you to learn a way of cooking, that will bring much health to your organs, delight your taste buds and enrich your life.

 Plant-based cooking and eating continues to help my body heal, maintain a healthy weight while reducing any inflammation in my body.

Gain New Skills For Life

The skills, techniques and recipes you will learn are for life. The retreat is designed to give you great insight on the importance of ingredients like; good fats, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices, herbs and how to use high mineral salts in cooking. All while becoming more comfortable in the kitchen, making it a less stressful time and more of a nourishing time. 

Nourish Your 3 Brains and More

A big part of the work I bring to you at nourish retreat is the link between the health of your gut microbiome (aka gut-brain), your head brain and your heart brain.

These 3 main areas are so important when it comes to nourishing ourselves. 

This retreat goes beyond just learning how to cook plant-based meals. Nourish retreat will explore the way you move breath and think. You will experience daily movement classes, created for you to focus on your breath and afternoon workshops that will expand your understanding of the mind-body relationship.

Cooking & Nourishing Every Day

Every day at nourish we are cooking in my kitchen. You will have your own cooking station to learn, prepare and cook from. An abundance of natural plant-based ingredients (organic where possible) is used each day, ones that you will recognise. This takes the stress out of plant-based cooking (no food fads or trends in my kitchen and NO judgment on your cooking skills). We will create dishes using only real, whole food, ingredients that you can easily identify, ones that have an immense amount of dietary fibre which is super important for ongoing gut health.

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