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Lose Weight Fast with Inna Segal

This audio program contains an introduction as well as 3 tracks to help you safely and easily let go of emotional blocks to losing weight. The audios will help you to lose weight, maintain healthy and supportive eating habits, let go of self-sabotage and learn to love your body.

$37.95 AUD

The first process helps you to actively work with specific potent healing colours to literally reprogram your body to not only burn fat but to also regenerate it.

The second process assists you to accelerate your weight loss, develop a healthy relationship with your body and activate your desire to be fit and healthy. The last track helps you lose weight while you sleep or rest, by working with your subconscious processes.

  1. Introduction
  2. Actively lose weight and heal - 13.17
  3. Accelerate your weight loss - 13.06
  4. Lose weight while you sleep - 17.23