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Inner Healing Series

Inna Segal is a best selling author and leader healer and has created this video series with all the essential information that anyone can use for at home healing.

$2,240.00 AUD
Have you ever wanted to know the fundamental basics for self healing? How to tune into your body, use feelings as guidance and wisdom, move through pain, use colour and set up a morning routine? The courses complement each other so are perfect to buy to together, or if there is just one or two aspects you want to learn, you can buy them individually.


This online course contains 7 modules to help you delve deeply into your own body to assist in returning your body to its natural state of health.

Module 1: Tuning Into Your Body. Learn the fundamental basics for self healing. This course covers how to tune into your body, use feelings as guidance and wisdom, move through pain, use colour and set up a morning routine. In this course you will receive step by step video practices learning from the comfort of your own home.

Module 2: Releasing Thought Patterns. Learn the the difference between a thought and a pattern. This course helps you realise how your point of view impacts your thought patterns. This course includes a process to clear thoughts and remove stuckness from your nervous system.

Module 3: Transforming Emotions. It is vital that in order to be healthy you work with your emotions. Most people have a very limited understanding of their emotions and how to best work with them. Thus, many people’s emotional body looks either torn or frozen, which leads to a lot of physical, immune, lymphatic and hormonal dysfunctions. This course helps you to transform your emotions to help you heal.

Module 4: Colour Healing. It’s great to combine colour healing with other processes as it can strengthen them. Colour healing is safe and a really great way to work with children.

Module 5: Releasing Pain. The longer we have pain and the more chronic it becomes the more it affects the etheric body, which is said to be your life body and also the body of memory. When the etheric body is deeply impacted we lose the forces we need to fight the disease or pain. In this course Inna teaches you how to release pain.

Module 6: Your Guide To Working With The Secret Language Of The Body. Learn how to listen to your body and the messages that it’s sharing with you through pain or illness. Each body part has a message for you. And this course will assist you in learning how to work with the issues to get a greater understanding of you.

Module 7: Cultivating A Daily Healing Practice. Creating a daily healing practice using these tips from Inna to incorporate throughout your day.