HTS My Might

HTS My Might


MIGHTY tasty and a POWERHOUSE of nutrients, MY Might is the wholefood  spread made by Chef Cynthia Louise with BIG amounts of LOVE

Containing anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune boosting ingredients, this is a spread like no other. It is far superior to brewer’s yeast and much higher in B-complex vitamins than wheat germ and many other natural food products.

MY Might is a complete protein and a rich source of copper, manganese, vitamin K, zinc, various B vitamins including B12 for energy, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, selenium and folic acid. And, of course, it has the incredible enhanced flavours and aromas that only Chef Cynthia is capable of.

The natural fermentation process ensures MY Might is rich in enzymes and probiotics to enhance your intestinal flora, increase the health of your gut microbiome, and improve your overall digestive system and immune system. Parts of MY Might is made using unpasteurised fermented methods that date back to when our foods were prepared with low human interference and eaten just as nature intended. That means, your body knows exactly what to do with them.

Plus, when it comes from Chef Cynthia and has the Heal Thy Self seal of approval, you know it’s additive-free.