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Healing Your Inner Child with Inna Segal

An inner child is an archetypal aspect of you associated with your childhood, which plays a huge role in your life.

$37.95 AUD

Much of anxiety, feelings of not being good enough, self-sabotage and fear of rejection is stored within our inner child. In fact, most of our intimate relationships are intertwined with an often scared, sensitive, wounded child. When we take the time to connect, heal, develop trust with and nurture this child, we begin to grow in courage, creativity, enthusiasm and joy.  Our health often improves dramatically and new and vibrant opportunities and soulful people come into our lives.

01 Introduction - 5.43
02 Connect to your inner child and heal - 20.32
03 Work with the abandoned inner child - 7.58
04 Connect to the Divine inner child - 12.22
05 Music for healing - 10.16