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Bali Healing HUB

$350.00 AUD
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$350.00 USD

per night (minimum 10 days)

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HEAL YOURSELF NATURALLY in our bespoke healing spaces designed for you​ to fast and recharge whenever you need to...


Our Heal Thy Self HUB provides a safe space for you when you want to Fast and Heal. There’s no waiting for Retreat Dates, just come whenever it suits you. The HUB experience provides a more personalized experience as opposed to one size fits all at a retreat. Have peace of mind knowing everything’s at your finger tips, but take things at your own pace!

This is for you if you want to:

  • Fast on your own schedule and not wait for a Retreat to start
  • Do a longer or shorter fast than what most Retreats offer
  • Have a more personalized Healing Experience but still be supported


  • Accommodation
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Daily Vitals Check by Heal Thy Self HUB Support Team
  • 3 massages for every 10 day stay
  • Access to Heal Thy Self HUB Health Center
    • Containing a HEALth Library, Healing Machines, Light Therapy, Hydration Station, Sauna, Peaceful Meditation Area
    • Access to Heal Thy Self HUB Spa
    • Facilitated Hot & Cold Therapy Sessions
    • Massage & Healing Room for different healing modalities
  • A Heal Thy Self HUB Products Kit - shipped prior to arrival - to prepare for your stay.
    • Colon Detox Kit
    • Pulse Kit
    • Nourish My Organs Kit
  • A Heal Thy Self Goodies Bag upon Check-In

    Additional Costs - not included:

    • Juices
    • Other Healer Services / Modalities
    • Coach Check-Ins
    • Bloodwork Sessions