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Heal Thy Self Health Assessment Quiz

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Heal Thy Self Health Assessment Quiz is extremely helpful if you feel like your nailing some areas of health but not feeling great. It can help you work out what the ‘missing piece’ of your health puzzle is.  

So many of us focus on what we’re good at and aim for perfection.

But what if balance in all areas of life was more important rather than just being really good at one or two.

Many people focus on exercise and eating well, but forget about sunshine practices, relationship health and passion.

Others focus on food and what brings them joy but don’t feel motivated to exercise.

By taking this quiz you’ll get an instant insight into how balanced your life is and be amazed that by spending time on an area that your lower in can probably increase your feeling of health more than trying to gain perfection in a few areas.

You’ll then be recommended lessons with simple to follow action steps to help you achieve balance little by little rather than trying to do too much all at once.  

It is for YOU if you want to...

  • Feel confident in knowing how to look after yourself and live with renewed vitality
  • Have the energy and mindset to follow your dreams
  • Experience a massive shift in your awareness on health
  • Gain wisdom for life from the comfort of your own home
  • Gain knowledge of how to heal your body from within
  • Feel energised and inspired with your life ahead
  • Reduce your risk of sickness and disease
  • Learn the 7 Principles of Health and practice them in your daily life

If you are tired of all the conflicting information out there about what is ultimately best for YOU; if you’re ready to experience a radical transformation in your health and your life, you will love this program.

  • The secrets to all the longest living cultures on the planet and which ones are out of balance for you
  • Discover the simplicity of the 7 Principles of Health and how they can transform your everyday life
  • 5 Lessons on each of the 7 Principles with simple to follow action steps
  • Learn about fasting, intermittent fasting and simple Wholefood living
  • Learn new ways of being that support your body, your weight and your energy levels
  • Live in the way your body was designed to live

The power to change is in YOUR hands.