Heal Thy Self Fast (in Bali)
Heal Thy Self Fast (in Bali)
Heal Thy Self Fast (in Bali)
Heal Thy Self Fast (in Bali)

Heal Thy Self Fast (in Bali)

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About this Retreat

Juice Fasting, Health Education + Lots of Fun & Adventures in Beautiful Bali!

A 7 day juice fast + health education retreat for rejuvenating and detoxifying your body, mind and spirit.

You’ll Experience:

Cultural adventures, wholefood preparation classes, pampering, health education and of course sensational juices.

From Tyler Tolman: Learn the fundamental 7 principles of health while attending the ultimate 7 days juice fast.  Come on a 7 day detoxifying, cleansing, fun, enlightening, soul-healing journey of a lifetime with me in paradise - Bali - the healing hub of the planet!
From Chef Cynthia Louise: Discover the secrets of using wholefoods in transforming your health.
Who Is It For:
  • People looking for a world class detox program
  • Wanting to lose weight, feel confident + radiant
  • Have a desire to heal from disease and sickness
  • Want to know more about health and the healing powers of fasting
  • Looking for alternative ways to heal themselves
  • Feel more alive and more energized than you have in years
  • Looking to experience optimal health
  • Seeking to become more youthful
  • Ready for a life-altering experience
  • Feel empowered in knowing how to optimally fast
  • Be confident in knowing how to look after your health
  • Feel more alive and more energized that you have in years
  • Open your heart to new relationships, connections, fun + joy
  • Have certainty with a renewed attitude on health and outlook on life.

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