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Deep Clean Skin Kit

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GuaSha & Riffi Mitt

$84.99 AUD

Guasha (gwa-sha) and is a special deep clean skin scrub used by Ancient Asian, Greek and Egyptian civilisations to unblock the pores of the skin. Regular soap only ever really cleanses the surface of the skin, but not deeply into the pores.

In the shower, rinse your whole body, turn off the water and add a tablespoon or so of the GuaSha mixture onto the Riffi Mitt for each of your limbs. Firmly scrub over your entire body. Rinse and feel squeaky clean.

What’s in the box:

  • GauSha
  • Riffi Mitt


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Fantastic product to clean my skin

Three years ago I ditched all chemical from my life after receiving a scary diagnosis from my GP. I came across with Guasha and loved it! I practise hot yoga and after a workout I really need a good clean to help my body and skin removing toxins from my body. This is not the only product I have bought from HTS Store... love them all!!!

Australia Australia

Guasha is NOT A SCRUB

I'M NOT SURE WHO CAME UP WITH THIS, BUT IF YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL IS COMPLETELY FALSE, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS SELLING ANYTHING!!! I am a certified Gua Sha therapist. Gua Sha is NOT a scrub, it is a modality that uses specialized tools to strip muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. The fact that you are trying to sell people a scrub is absolutely ridiculous and speaks to a complete lack of education or knowledge and a rational person with common sense would NEVER ORDER ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE FROM THIS WEBSITE/COMPANY/PROVIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!