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Heal Yourself Reading Cards by Inna Segal

$34.99 AUD
She’s shared her knowledge in our TRiBE podcast, now Inna Segal shares her magic in this beautiful card deck, Heal Yourself Reading Cards: Intuitive Guidance to Transform Your Soul.

With visceral, raw and captivating artwork and Inna’s profound wisdom, these stunning cards help you access higher states of awareness and transform challenging emotions, thought patterns and energies that are ready to be released.

The text that accompanies each card shares its meaning, the reason you have drawn it and an empowering statement to meditate upon, as well as a short practical process you can use integrate that meaning and intuitive guidance into your life.

Use this phenomenally transformative oracle deck to heal thyself - inside and out - and move toward even higher levels of healing, personal transformation and consciousness.

We think you’ll absolutely love them!