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CANON 24 megapixel eyePIX Handheld Macro Lens (includes Shipping & Insurance)

$2,128.00 USD
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The New range of eyePIX Handhelds are similar in their look and the way they function from the previous eyePIX Handhelds but with some signification improvements.

New Features:

  • New Light Supply - The New Range of eyePIX Handheld Iridology Cameras all have a new Light Supply that sits underneath the camera. This Light Supply has its own battery that powers the viewing light. The shape of Light Supply is much better to hold than the previous model making it a better Handheld Iridology Camera. Also the Light Supply has a High & Low switch for the viewing light. Use the High setting to see clearer detail in the client's eye & use the Low setting for client's with sensitive eyes.

  • Fibre-Optic Light Cover - With every eyePIX Handheld we will supply a Cover to put on the end of the Fibre-Optic Light for single side lighting.

  • Lenses - The eyePIX Handheld 55 is still using the same Lens as the previous model but the eyePIX Handheld Macro Lens is now as the name suggests using a Macro Lens. The Macro Lens has a better depth of view making it is easier to take sharp images. The Macro Lens is also a higher quality lens for higher quality images.


Other Features

  • Specially designed Lighting for Iridology with Flash for True Colour Images

  • Twin Side Lighting and now use the Fibre-Optic Light Cover for Single Side Lighting

  • Lensing specially setup for Iridology 

  • DSLR Camera

  • With adjustable settings it's excellent for taking all irises including Dark Brown Irises

  • Light & Small

  • Portable - Excellent for the travelling Iridologist

  • Easy to Use

  • Affordable price for the professional Iridologist

  • Can be used for Iridology, Sclerology & Animal Iridology



Every Iridologist has their own expectations of what is the proper lighting for Iridology. One Iridologist might prefer stronger lighting for a brighter image whereas another might prefer weaker lighting for a darker image. With the eyePIX Handheld you can adjust the lighting to your personal preference. The strength of the lighting will have an effect on the appearance of the iris and with a simple adjustment you can choose what is best for you. Stronger lighting can be ideal for seeing more detail in the Iris and is excellent for dark brown irises. Weaker lighting can be ideal for not bleaching out the Sclera for a better Sclera image. Whatever your preference is you can adjust the power of the lighting to what suits you with a simple adjustment. 

Taking an Iris Image

With the eyePIX Handheld there are 3 options for taking an iris image. 1. The View Finder can be used. 2. In Live View Mode the LCD Screen can be used to take the image. 3. With a HDMI Cable an image can be taken through a TV or Computer Monitor.