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The #1 Thing You Can Do For Your Health

Did you know that poor digestive health may lead to decreased energy, creativity and lack of mental clarity?


  1. Colon Cleansing helps improve digestion

    - Less bloating, flat stomach, faster transit time

  2. Drop a few inches from your waist

    - those last 5kgs that won’t budge may be compacted waste in your colon - it’s more common that you think

  3. A clearer mind

    - the gut is known as a ‘brain’ responsible for producing neurotransmitters such as serotonin - what’s brewing in your gut?

  4. Relieves constipation

    - if you’re constipated you definitely need to give your colon a clean otherwise you’re reabsorbing toxins

  5. Glowing skin

    - you truly do glow from the inside and good gut health means fresher clearer skin and definitely helps with acne.

  6. Feel better in your clothes

    - reduced bloating

  7. Increased Energy

    - less toxic load in your body

  8. Increase absorption of nutrients from your food

    - less need for supplements

Lisa Garden

"If i hadn't have joined TRiBE I think my life still would have been exactly what it was 5 months ago.

I still would have been looking for something else, still seeing my naturopath and she still would have been giving me 30,000 supplements, and I still would have been forking out lots of money for all the tests that i needed to have doing, i wouldn't be exercising, I still wouldn't be happy and have all the depression and anxiety about where I was at in life...

Going down this current path I'm evolving into a different person and I'm actually really liking that person I'm becoming. - Lisa"


Don’t be a slave to buying millions of supplements and food products or diets to improve your health when your core issue is actually cleaning out your digestive system first. If you’re colon is not clean your far less likely to be absorbing nutrients and minerals from food and juices.

Think about it, it makes sense. With a cleaner digestive system your body is processing less toxins and more able to absorb nutrients.

Lisa is a classic case of this…


At Heal Thy Self we live by the mantra “do no harm”

Everything we suggest can only ever increase health. Anyone starting on a health journey we always recommend to do a Colon Cleanse first. Hippocrates 200 years ago was quoted* as saying ‘All disease starts in the colon’. We believe that cleaning out and getting your system flowing is the number 1 thing to do to serve your ultimate health.



Colon Cleanse is an ancient formula of 4 main ingredients organic chia seeds, organic buckwheat, organic psyllium, bentonite clay and salt.

The bentonite clay is powerful in absorbing and pulling out heavy metals and other accumulated toxins from the body. The mix of fibres swells and help sweep out these toxins acting like a gentle scrubbing brush on the colon.

For best use add an enema kit to help keep things moving and for the deepest clean go for the best value full pack which includes digestive tea and parasite cleanse!


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Together We’re Better

The Heal Thy Self Movement has been at the forefront of holistic health for the last decade with the core driver being to empower people when it comes to self-care. Everything from nutrition to mindset to emotional wellness and healthy relating, we’ve been sharing it.

We saw that people were really hungry for this kind of information that that by creating a community or a hub for all the wisdom we’d been privy too was going to create a beautiful ripple effect of change in people across the world.

We’ve always believed that the way forward is to come together in community. It’s always being about connecting people - to their health, themselves, and each other.

We have been doing this by sharing unique messages from leading wisdom keepers and experts that have the ability to help humanity grow and expand. We’ve weaved this into our TRiBE community, training Heal Thy Self Coaches, live events and online publications and through these mediums sharing tools for people to truly transform their lives. Together we're better.


This is definitely a MUST DO! If not seasonally at LEAST twice a year. Good to have around just in case you happen to indulge, just a little bit ;-) It's like drinking watered down blended oats, add Honey. I personally lost about 15 pounds. More than that, I just felt better and healthier overall. I felt like I literally emptied out years of Junk, it was such a relief to know that this junk was out of my body. What I like best is that the Clay, in the cleanse, pulled out the toxic chemicals from my system, from years of build up of pollutants and heavy metals. What's cool (or gross) is that you can actually see all the stuff that leaves your body encased in the fibrous rope-like substance. Bye-Bye parasites!! :) It is now a part of my routine House Cleaning, when the time calls...
- Dan Grossman

I felt so energised and light and about a third of the way through all I kept thinking about was what I was going to eat when I finished and all I could think of was vegetables and fruit.The colon cleanse is great and makes you feel just so light afterwards!
- Kim

When I felt it move the junk out of my body in a way that a 5 day water fast, zeolite, sound therapy, massage and all the other healing techniques didn’t do, I soon realized it has intelligence and power in it.
- Josh

Tyler Tolman

Tyler Tolman is a world-renowned speaker, entrepreneur, media personality, event facilitator, truth-teller and one of the world’s leading authorities on natural health and longevity.

He is the co-founder of the Heal Thy Self brand where, together with his business partner Rachelle, have touched the lives of millions of people around the world. His live events, workshops, retreats, products and educational platforms Heal Thy Self TRiBE and Heal Thy Self Academy have been built on a solid foundation of ancient wisdom combined with modern science.

Tyler spent many years travelling around the world, carrying out extensive research into the profound wisdom of ancient masters who knew the true secrets to longevity. He learned ancient rituals and natural healing techniques that have been lost to western medicine. Building on the powerful knowledge of his father, Don Tolman, Tyler has studied teachings by Pythagoras, Plato, Einstein, Hippocrates, the Ancient Egyptians, Tibetans and many other brilliant minds and cultures. His passion for knowledge led him to take this one step further and find the modern science that proved the effectiveness of these techniques.

A qualified iridologist and fasting expert, Tyler has dedicated his life giving to others. His mission is to continually impact the lives of millions globally.

Achieve Ulitmate Health

Feel Better

See the options below on how to invest in your digestive health

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