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3D Theta (8) Image Poster Set

$54.99 AUD

Theta Graphs are unique tools that are capable of invoking the theta brainwave state. This allows you to experience a dream-like state while you are awake.

Based on the same geometric symbols discovered from Ancient Egypt, with practice, these special full-size posters will open up their secrets and allow you to discover new and wonderful experiences.

The Theta state also promotes natural healing in your body, which means regular use of the posters will lead to wonderful benefits for your mind, body and soul.

Amazing Powers of Theta Graphs

  • Heal your body and mind
  • Exercise your eyes and prevent degeneration
  • Improve your dreams and your memory
  • Discover new states of consciousness

This purchase contains the following posters:

  • Brain Food
  • Develop your 20_20
  • Icons
  • Labyrinths
  • Meditation
  • Photographic Minds
  • Rainbows
  • Virtual reality

All of these posters work on different areas of your consciousness to help you grow spiritually and mentally.

Some provide stimulation to make your brain grow, others help you to unlock the power of your dreams, others allow you to develop incredible powers of memory.

Prepare yourself for one of the most awesome thrills of your life with the incredible Theta Graphs.

These posters work BRILLIANTLY as a combined kit with the Carillon Bowl!

Using both tools together will start to activate you to explore new and incredible possibilities so you too can tap into your true potential!

Please note, 3D Theta (8) Image Poster Set is shipped from our Australian warehouse, so please allow extra delivery time if ordering from overseas.