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Jade Eggs

Med: 3.9 x 2.8cm

Traditional Jade Egg, comes with a string line in a personal bag with instruction card and instructional video.

$49.99 AUD

Jade Eggs, also commonly known as Yoni eggs are a valuable addition to kegel exercises — an exercise involving tightening and relaxing of the pelvic muscles to strengthen them.  They are incredibly useful in maintaining women's health.  They assist in healing from prolapse.  They assist in preparation and recovery from birth.  They assist in menopause balance and transition. Profound results for incontinence. Anyone with a compromised pelvic floor particularly those lifting heavy weights or doing extended high impact exercise. In fact all women of all ages can greatly benefit from the use of these certified and authenticated eggs.  They are a great way to connect with your body.  You will find an intuitive pull towards the eggs.  They are very easy to use.