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Personal Care

If you watch what you put in your body, it makes sense to watch what you put ‘on’ it as well. Mainstream personal care can be laden with chemicals, and if you don’t fancy making your own then we’ve created them for you. When we see a gap in the market we make our own. Our personal care products are unique to the Heal Thy Self philosophy, so next time you stock up on what you put IN your body you can also treat yourself with what you put ON your body with our personal care range.
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On sale $21.78 AUD
Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush

$7.99 AUD
Portable Water Flosser Sale

Portable Water Flosser

On sale $57.15 AUD
Anti Viral Throat Spray Sale

Anti Viral Throat Spray

On sale $38.60 AUD
Immunity Booster ++ Sale

Immunity Booster ++

On sale $34.31 AUD
Riffi Mitt Sale

Riffi Mitt

On sale $15.65 AUD
Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper

$12.99 AUD
Mineral Soak Bath Salt

Mineral Soak Bath Salt

$14.99 AUD
Healthy Home Starter Bundle

Healthy Home Starter Bundle

$299.00 AUD
Desert Mist Starter Bundle

Desert Mist Starter Bundle

$267.00 AUD