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HTS Express Online Program

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Heal Thy Self Express Online is for people of all ages: from children through to grandparents. For those who are interested in healing themselves; who are interested in healing others; or simply those who are interested in knowing the truth and leaving a legacy of health and vitality for their children, grandchildren and future generations to come.

$2,990.00 AUD

$1,490.00 USD

  • HTS Express Online Program

It is for YOU if you want to...

  • Feel confident in knowing how to look after yourself and live with renewed vitality
  • Have the energy and mindset to follow your dreams
  • Become informed and aware of why illnesses are on the rise in our society
  • Know the health secrets you’ll wonder how you lived without
  • Experience a massive shift in your awareness on health
  • Gain wisdom for life from the comfort of your own home
  • Gain knowledge of how heal your body from within
  • Feel energised and inspired with your life ahead
  • Reduce your risk of sickness and disease
  • Learn the 7 Principles of Health and practice them in your daily life
  • Qualify to be a part of Tyler’s revolution and continue your learning at the Heal Thy Self Academy.

If you are tired of all the conflicting information out there about what is ultimately best for YOU; if you’re ready to experience a radical transformation in your health and your life, you will love this program.

  • Tyler Tolman provides you with the foundation for massive transformation in every area of your life!
  • Discover the simplicity of the 7 Principles of Health and how they can transform your everyday life
  • Learn the #1 KILLER of humankind
  • Discover the hidden ingredients in almost all foods on our shelves
  • Learn the 12 most common poisons to avoid in personal care products
  • Discover the secrets of the longest living cultures who enjoy health and vitality beyond 100
  • Learn about fasting, intermittent fasting and simple wholefood living
  • Discover how to identify where disease and congestion exists in your body
  • Learn new ways of being that support your body, your weight and your energy levels
  • Live in the way your body was designed to live
  • Have the opportunity to graduate to the Heal Thy Self Academy

The power to change is in YOUR hands.

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Amazing course :)

I did the Heal Thy Self Express Online course and learned so much about how to look after my body. I started intermittent fasting and cleaned up my diet considerably. I have lost 15kg so far with a few more to go, and I'm finding it so easy to stick to this new lifestyle. I will never go back to eating all the junk I used to now that I know what it actually does to me on a cellular level. Thank you Tyler.

Melissa E.

Discount and instalment

Thanks do much for the good work, you are doing. Please can I have discount for this course fee and also can I pay in instalments. I am really interested. Thanks and waiting for your reply.