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Your Ultimate 30 Day Immunity & Nutrition Kit

It includes everything you need to boost your immune system and overall health including Pulse Raw Food, Berry Blend, Heal Thy Self Greens which are all super high in antioxidants and bursting with nutrition.
$714.99 AUD
Your health is your wealth. This kit is the ultimate way to invest in your health, and feel ridiculously healthy.

There’s IMMUNE BOOSTER++ spray with Colloidal Silver which is anti-bacterial and a great first line of defence along side our ANTI-VIRAL THROAT SPRAY which is perfect for using on soft tissue like the mouth which is more prone to bacteria and viruses.

This covers you inside and out to boost your immune system and deliver high levels of nutrition.
What's Included
    • 5 x Pulse 140g - Original
    • 5 x Pulse 140g - Chocolate
    • 5 x Pulse 140g - Mango
    • 5 x Pulse 140g - Tropical
    • 5 x Pulse 140g - Cherry
    • 5 x Pulse 140g - Blueberry
    • Bulk Berry Blend
    • Bulk Greens
    • Bulk Colon Cleanse
    • Immunity Booster ++
    • Salt Fine
    • Anti-Viral Throat Spray