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Affirmations for Happiness, Confidence & Wellbeing with Inna Segal

The wonderful thing about these affirmations is that they give your mind a totally new focus of what to concentrate on through the day, thus changing your vibration.
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This presentation contains  an introduction and 4 separate audio affirmation tracks. You can use this audio anytime you need an extra boost of self confidence, happiness and wellbeing. You can listen to them while lying down or doing any type of activity including driving.



  1. Introduction 8.19
  2. Affirmations for Happiness and Joy 18.01
  3. Affirmations for Confidence and Self empowerment 15.35
  4. Affirmations for Health and Wellbeing 17.38
  5. Affirmations for Success Money and Prosperity. 4.39

0.5. A bonus track where Inna shares 8 keys to happiness, confidence and wellbeing. 12.05