Check Out Raw Food Nutrition Kit Check Out Raw Food Nutrition Kit

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Online Cooking Class - Wholefood Love

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  • How to prepare delicious wholefood recipes that all your family + friends will love
  • Use fresh supermarket ingredients to make amazing meals, no running to the health food store
  • Make creamy rich sauces without the dairy
  • How to make simple ingredient swaps to cater to dietary requirements
  • Master recipes from quick 5-minute sauces to whole food family feasts
  • How to ditch refined sugar forever, + use natural sweeteners like maple, honey & fruit
  • A whole range of simple kitchen tips + tricks to save you time + make new things
  • Just how simple + delicious a wholefood lifestyle can be!
  • Understand how each meal is nourishing you
  • How to cook consciously + bring a higher vibration to your meals
  • What to do with leftovers
  • How to store food to keep it for longer
  • New flavour combinations from around the world
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