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PRODUCT instructions

Carillon Bowl Instructions



Congrats on receiving your Carillon Bowl. Be ready for some profound healing through playing the bowl and toning with it.  The bowl comes with a carry bag so that you can go into nature with it easily (we highly recommend it!) or safely carry it to a friends house or retreat centre. 


The vibrational tone of crystal bowls has been shown to be therapeutic by scientists like Dr Mitchell Gaynor. The combination of the vibration of the Carillon Bowl and the vibration of toning your own voice creates sound wave and harmonics that can cleanse and relax the body at a cellular level.  


The bowl comes with a mallet that has both suede and rubber aspects to it. You can change the quality of the sound of the bowl slightly depending on which part of the mallet you use and how much pressure you apply. We recommend striking the bowl softly 3 times to form a triangle of sound, and then using the mallet to make the bowl sing. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a review after your own experience.