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Everything You Need to Know About Guasha


SKIN DETOX • The cleanest feeling skin scrub⁠

Our GuaSha skin scrub is the ultimate clean ingredients skin scrub. It gets DEEP into the pores of the skin rather than just surface cleaning.⁠

Our skin is one of our largest detox organs and when it's cleansed is capable of eliminating a lot of waste for us. When it's not clean then the other channels of elimination are under more strain and our skin starts to look blocked, dull with small bumps or red patches.⁠

What is Guasha and how does it detox and clean my skin?

Guasha is an ancient technique used by Ancient Asian, Greek and even Egyptian civilizations. This is a technique to open up the skin and rid the body of bad bacteria and potential yeast, fungus, parasites and petro chemicals that get logged in our 7 layers of dermis and epi-dermis.

The skin is the largest eliminatory organ we have for getting rid of acid and other toxicity from the body and essentially keeping us cool. The skin should eliminate upto 2 kgs of material each day. But this just simply is not the case because our skin gets clogged over time and soap doesn’t have the ability to really clean thoroughly.

How Does It Work?

  • One of the ingredients, bicarbonate soda, is highly alkaline; it kills acidic bacteria that build up in the skin. The 7 layers of the skin can accumulate a lot - fungus, yeasts, petrochemicals, parasites and moulds that can come out as rashes and infections.
  • A lot of times petrochemicals that happen to be in the air around us get into the skin and really block it up, resulting in pimples and irritations. Guasha opens the pores of the skin and allows more oxygen to enter, as well as alkalising everything and creating beautiful fresh clean skin.

How do I use Guasha?

Guasha is simple to use and best done in the shower. Rinse your body and then turn off the shower and apply a few small scoops of the guasha mixture and rub over your body. Use a loofah (like our Riffi Mit) to help move the mixture over your body. Scrub each arm, leg, mid section, back etc each with a bit of the mix. Then turn the shower back on so you can completely wash all of the mix off.

You may like to apply coconut oil or a natural skin moisturizer afterwards to feel extra lush.

You can use guasha every 2-3 days at first and you’ll be likely to notice a difference in how smooth and clean your skin feels very quickly!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about guasha and how to detox your skin at home.

The Heal Thy Self Team